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Created To Win Series

Three Part Series

God has a plan and an intention for each of us to Win!  

     Many people we come in contact with have had a belief in their life that they just don’t win, or at least don’t win on a regular basis.  As we taught this series, the majority of the crowd had something that they were going through right then, that it did not seem as if they were winning.  Satan wants us to think that it is a natural thing that we sometimes don’t win.  It’s A Lie!  God’s Word tells us that He Always leads in Triumph in Christ Jesus!

     Many times we have all gone through things that just didn’t seem like a Win.  God gave us a great revelation that we teach throughout this Series, “Have A War Mentality not a Battle Mentality”.  Satan may have made you think you have lost, but the War is not over!  Just because the battle didn’t turn out like you thought it should, it is not over and You Will Win The War!

     This takes a mind renewal through the many scriptures that the Bible gives us on Victory.  This series is a Great Resource to help renew your mind to this Truth! 

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