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Signs Of Life


Six Part Series

While driving down a freeway one day, a car just came off of an on-ramp and cut me off while entering into traffic.  I immediately said to myself, "Doesn't anyone know how to Yield anymore???"  I then heard the Holy Spirit speak in my heart, "That is the problem with a lot of people in church today, they don't know how to Yield to Me any longer."


To Yield means to give way to another.  In our Christian walk we must put our will to the side and give way to God's. 


After God spoke that to me, I would see other traffic signs and God would give me a whole sermon.   (See Sermon Titles Below)


This was a fun and interesting series.  Come hear what God will speak to you through "The Signs Of Life."

Disc 1        One Way, Keep Off The Median, No U-Turn

Disc 2        Yield, Look Both Ways

Disc 3        For Sale

Disc 4        Under Construction

Disc 5        Merge Right

Disc 6        Rest Area Ahead

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